Cost of Thyroid Surgery

Thyroid and thyroid cancer surgery is not an easy surgery. Many times it can be difficult and in some cases quite difficult. But it is our entire Center, which is unique! But we have the most outstanding team of experienced and specialized thyroid surgeons. Also, not only are our surgeons exceptional, but the entire team at the Thyroid Surgery Center at Iasso Hospital is truly one of a kind. Another center like our Center does not exist anywhere else, at least as far as we know. We have the most complete and comprehensive thyroid surgery infrastructure for both what you may need before any thyroid surgery and after your surgery. All this exists in the most pleasant and safe environment.

The Iasso hospital is known to be the most beautiful and the most modern hospital. The environment is pleasant due to the nature of the hospital. The patient service is unique and has all the amenities you might need. Iasso Hospital is the safest, even for Covid-19, due to the nature of the cases treated here, most admissions are pregnant women. Because of our experience in thyroid surgery and thyroid cancer surgery and because of our excellent results, we perform thyroid operations every day. About a third of our patients come from outside Athens.

Total thyroidectomy and removal of lymph nodes for thyroid cancer is not a simple surgery that can or should be performed by any surgeon! Only the truly skilled should perform thyroid surgery.

If thyroid surgery were an easy surgery, we wouldn’t be seeing patients every day who have had an incomplete operation elsewhere, or patients with problems with the nerves that are responsible for our speech, or even patients who don’t have parathyroid glands (they regulate calcium in the body). That doesn’t mean there aren’t great surgeons out there, it just means you have to choose your surgeon wisely (choose one who performs thyroid cancer surgery at least a few times a week). If thyroid surgery were an easy procedure that any surgeon could perform, there would be no need for patients to travel from all over the country for Stavros Tsirigotakis to perform their surgery. If thyroid surgery was easy, there would be no need for doctors from other parts of Greece to come and have themselves or their children or their spouses operated on by Thyroid Surgeon Stavros Tsirigotakis. Thyroid surgery and neck lymph node removal is NOT easy for a surgeon who does it once every two weeks. Please, be wise and choose a surgeon who performs this thyroid surgery at least once a week. Don’t let someone remove your thyroid gland who doesn’t do it at least several times each week. When you talk to Thyroid Surgeon Stavros Tsirigotakis he will tell you: ”Don’t worry…everything will be fine, this is an operation we do every day. You have no reason to worry and you will not suffer at all.”

We want you to be sure that we know the financial situation of every person in Greece, in this period of crisis. We also know that surgery may be our job, but first and foremost we are operators and we treat you as operators.

Reading all of the above on this page, you might think that the costs for these procedures in the private sector are exorbitant. This is not true. The cost of course depends on the type of operation. Not all thyroid surgeries are the same. It also depends on the insurance you have and the hospital where the procedure will be performed.

At the Stavros Tsirigotakis Model Thyroid Surgery Center, we fully understand the financial situation in which we all find ourselves in recent years and we do not discount the services provided, which have nothing to envy to those of distinguished Centers abroad. The financial packages, due to the philosophy we have that we do not use surgery to get rich but to offer to our fellow man, but also due to the volume of our patients, are perhaps a pleasant surprise for those who will undergo surgery at the Stavros Model Thyroid Surgery Center Tsirigotakis of the Iasso Hospital.

You should know that we cooperate with all public funds and with all private insurances. We always try to keep the amount you pay as low as possible. Public funds, as you know, do not cover costs for certain special materials we use during all operations, for your safety (neurostimulation system, parathyroid fluorescence system, ultrasound scissors, etc.) nor do they cover doctors’ fees. Private insurances have various policies with different coverages. It is good for you to know the coverages so that you can inform us.

In any case, what interests us is that if you have any financial burden, it should be as small as possible. The amount you will need to pay us covers EVERYTHING. The only thing that is not covered is your stay in a hotel if you are coming from outside Athens. The total amount will be only a part of the money you will need to give to some other Center, which will certainly not have to offer you what the Stavros Tsirigotakis Thyroid Surgery Center at the Iasso Hospital offers you.

There are no hidden charges with us. You will know the amount you will need to pay beforehand and this will not change after the surgery. In thyroid surgery, not all operations are the same. It is not uncommon for patients who cannot be treated elsewhere to come to us. This can also be seen in the testimonies of our patients. This is no reason for us to increase our fees and the charges remain the same.

The relationships we build with our patients are relationships of love, respect and trust. Our awareness for the restoration of the health of our fellow man and the offering to him is proven through the testimonies of our patients as well as by the performance of several free operations per year, on financially weak patients.

Surgery may be our job and we live from it, but we do not use it as a means of enrichment but to offer the most precious good which is health. We are the only ones who perform thyroid operations free of charge, however complex they may be with the sole criterion of one’s financial weakness. This willingness to offer was cultivated by our family, we saw it done by our friends who are doctors of other specialties and we hope that other colleagues for thyroid operations will also adopt it.

We firmly believe that health is not a luxury but a right for everyone.