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Thyroid and parathyroid surgeon

Innovative care, to achieve the best possible results.

With more than 18 years of experience in this demanding thyroid and parathyroid surgery, we are dealing with even the most complex cases! Our basic principle is the provision of specialized high quality medical services and your safety. This is the reason why we have chosen the University Hospital Eugenides Hospital. There we offer, every day, me and my colleagues, our services specialized in thyroid surgery, to a large number of patients, having adopted all the modern techniques of this surgery. We are guided by the optimal result and your complete safety.

We combine compassion and firm commitment to your needs with truly advanced surgical capabilities and know-how, including surgeries that few can offer.

Because you deserve nothing less.

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We have been performing thyroidectomy, with a minimally invasive technique, for many years. We are one of the first to apply it in Greece and we do not share the view that only 10% of our patients can benefit from it (due to size), on the contrary we apply it to about 60% of our patients.

We are one of the few who can offer you these quality and specialized services in thyroid surgery. The incision you will have will be the smallest possible. Your recovery will be immediate. You will have almost no pain, except for a slight discomfort. The residue we will leave you will be less than 1%, this is what we do in the majority of our patients (> 90%).

The care we offer you is specialized, human, innovative and completely personalized. Full understanding of the economic situation that prevails in our country, we have succeeded due to the volume of our patients, very tempting financial packages. What we are interested in is not the enrichment through surgery, but the offer of the best possible treatment to our patient. Because we believe that health is not a luxury!

Taking care of your health


When you need thyroid surgery, whether for benign disease or even thyroid cancer, you know that the best results depend on the experience, ability, and knowledge of your surgical team. This is why we are committed to providing the highest quality care.

Κόστος χειρουργικής επέμβασης θυρεοειδούς

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