Meet the surgeon
thyroid Stavros Tsirigotaki

The Model Thyroid Surgery Center is headed by Thyroid Surgeon Stavros Tsirigotakis. After achieving the best possible specialization, but also with about 20 years of experience, in this demanding surgery of the thyroid and parathyroid glands, we face even the most complex cases! Our specialization is in both benign thyroid diseases and thyroid cancer, which, as it is known, depends on the quality of the operation, the patient’s life. Our basic principle is the provision of specialized medical services of high quality and your safety. At the Standard Thyroid Surgery Center, the thyroid surgeon Stavros Tsirigotakis and his associates offer their services, specialized in his thyroid surgery, to a large number of patients, having adopted all the modern techniques of this surgery.

Stavros Tsirigotakis, Thyroid Surgeon

Stavros Tsirigotakis was born and raised in a family of bio-wrestlers in Piraeus. His family and the city of Piraeus influenced him in his life, in the formation of his character, in all stages of his life, it is the city he loved and he is proud of his family, but also of his birthplace. The principles of honesty, dignity, sincerity, respect for fellow human beings, are inviolable conditions.
Piraeus is a place of reference for the modern political, artistic and economic history of the place. As the largest port in the country, it received direct influences, visits and “attacks” and is significantly distinguished from areas that do not see the sea. “The port is the cosmopolitan of every country”, says one of the most important authors, from Piraeus and continues, << The psyche of the people who live around the big ports of the world, is significantly different from the inhabitants of the hinterland, it is as if you know something that others do not know, you come in contact with the outside world first hand. And you learn things that will take a long time for others to realize if they ever realize >>. The port is an “open mouth from which the whole country feeds”, this gave and gives the feeling of pride to the people of Piraeus. All this, therefore, could not but affect Stavros Tsirigotakis, both in the formation of his character, and in the way he treats his fellow human beings and especially his patients!

Thyroid surgeon MD, FACS

What he thinks about his teachers

“A teacher is the one who becomes a bridge for his student to cross. And when it makes it easier for him to cross, he happily lets it be torn down, encouraging his student to build his own bridges “(Kazantzakis).
The teacher is Professor Anastasios Rigas as well as the other associates of Mr. Rigas, but also all those who helped Mr. Stavros Tsirigotakis in the difficult and painful course of surgery, whom he honors every day and expresses his thanks. His teacher in thyroid surgery is Professor George Kapelakis, whom he honors and thanks every day, as well.
He considers it an honor but also a duty to reproduce their infallible techniques every day with absolute success.



Free Surgery & Medical Visits for World Thyroid Day

On the occasion of World Thyroid Day and in collaboration with Iasso Hospital, we offer free examinations and surgeries in the thyroid gland, to people who are financially weak.

With the mind focused on the precious good of your Health but also on the needs that bother you, we start this program. Your access to quality and specialized health services, which is your basic human right, will never cease to be a primary concern for us.

Social contribution and solidarity are concepts that are an integral part of our character and our medical capacity. Through this new program, we aim to offer our specialized services completely free of charge to those of you who need it.

With this social action, we aim to help citizens who are excluded from the state system and to help them enjoy the benefits of a modern society. By taking initiatives, responsibly and effectively, in the field of Health in which we operate, we proceed to similar actions to alleviate and help those who really need it.

We firmly believe that the difficult times we live in give the opportunity to highlight the values that are not bought, but acquired through struggle, effort and perseverance.

We warmly thank the Board of Directors of Iasso, who by showing his sensitivity and social face in practice, helps us in the implementation of this program. This action is part of the Corporate Social Responsibility program, of Iasso, “next to you”.

  • Tel. for the program of free surgeries: +30 210 6383905 & +30 6974445853
  • Tel. Contact for appointments for medical visits: +30 210 6185229,
  • Monday – Friday 08:00 – 16:00


The Model Thyroid Surgery Center is headed by thyroid surgeon Stavros Tsirigotakis. The practice of thyroid and parathyroid gland surgery, by surgeon Stavros Tsirigotakis, is dedicated to solving the health problems of his patients, their complete cure and the improvement of their lives. He managed to obtain the highest possible specialization in this demanding thyroid surgery. He has a passion for research and application of minimally invasive techniques, but also experience in thyroid cancer surgery. Which is much more demanding, since the life of the patient depends on the quality of the operation. With these supplies and after his long tenure in Thyroid Surgery Centers, in Greece and abroad and for more than 19 years, he has helped patients, from various parts of Greece, but also from abroad. He tries to have mutual trust in his relationship with patients.

Anthropocentric approach

Our patient enjoys providing high quality health services in a modern, pleasant and friendly environment. Our patient approach is always anthropocentric. Each of our patients is unique. Our patient has individualized treatment and high quality services in terms of both medical and nursing care.

Minimally invasive thyroidectomy

The operation performed for thyroid surgery is called “minimally invasive surgery” or “minimally invasive thyroidectomy”. This operation reduces the patient overnight stay in the hospital. Postoperative pain is almost non-existent, as the muscles in the neck are not cut. Most incisions for thyroidectomy are only 2-3 cm long (mini-thyroidectomy). Some patients are not suitable for mini surgery (large thyroid), but even then patients are surprised at how small the incision is in the neck. What is usually suggested is that only 10% of patients are suitable for minimally invasive thyroidectomy. This is not the opinion of thyroid surgeon Stavros Tsirigotakis. His experience shows that over 60% of patients are suitable for a minimally invasive approach. If there is previous neck surgery, nodule size greater than 3 cm, thyroid tumor larger than 20m and thyroiditis are not in themselves contraindications for small incision surgery.

Specialized surgeon & specialized Center

According to all experts, thyroid and parathyroid surgeries should be performed in a large Center that has all the conditions for these surgeries. For this reason patients should not be upset when they are referred to a large Center. The large volume of patients operated by a surgeon and the specialization of the Center, are the necessary criteria for a successful operation.

All studies have shown that patients who underwent surgery by doctors with a low volume of patients very often had insufficient surgery. Therefore, these patients may not have been completely cured of their disease. Unfortunately, 90% of patients who have thyroid surgery are operated on by non-specialist surgeons. A large percentage of patients operated by thyroid surgeon Stavros Tsirigotakis, have undergone surgery elsewhere for the first time and unfortunately have not solved their problem.

Recurrence or incomplete surgery

Nearly 50% of thyroid cancer patients are unaware that they have thyroid cancer until they have their first thyroid surgery (and often the wrong surgery). That is, many patients who undergo thyroid surgery for a suspected benign disease actually have thyroid cancer. 11% of patients with known thyroid cancer continued to have thyroid cancer in their throat after their initial surgery. Choose your surgeon carefully. You only want to have surgery once.

He believes he needs to provide the education and information he needs to his patients. Only then do they make informed decisions about the health problem they are facing. He speaks honestly about the treatment options they have and the potential risks. Patients need to understand the problem they have and contribute to the treatment selection process themselves.

Stavros Tsirigotakis-lectures at Scientific Conferences

He has spoken several times about thyroid surgery and thyroid cancer at various scientific conferences. The model Thyroid Surgery Center, as well as Stavros Tsirigotakis himself, has often organized medical information days. They aim to raise public awareness of the ever-increasing incidence of thyroid cancer.

Participation in scientific companies Stavros Tsirigotakis

He is a regular member and has an active participation in the largest thyroid scientific companies, both in Greece and abroad. This allows you to be dealt with in accordance with international guidelines. Which means that you will have the best diagnostic approach, you will not do unnecessary and unnecessary examinations, nor surgeries without really being necessary. Even if surgery is unavoidable, it will be absolutely safe for you. This will be done by specialized thyroid surgeons, in a specialized center and will offer you the best result.

He believes that the participation of the surgeon in scientific companies is necessary. Information and exchange of experience between surgeons is a cornerstone in the success of the surgeries they perform. He himself believes “I grow old while learning”.

Some of the scientific companies, in which the thyroid surgeon Stavros Tsirigotakis is a member:

  • Regular member of the Hellenic Surgical Society
  • Regular member of the Hellenic Society of Endocrine Gland Surgery
  • Regular member of the British Society of Thyroid Surgeons
  • Regular Member of the European Thyroid Society
  • Full Member of the American Thyroid Society
  • Full Member of the American College of Surgeons

Benign thyroid diseases that require surgery:

  • Goitre
  • Polycystic goiter, submerged goiter in the chest
  • Graves’ disease
  • Toxic adenoma
  • Solitary thyroid nodule

Malignant thyroid disease requiring surgery:

  • All types of thyroid cancers
  • Nodules with a strong suspicion of malignancy

Parathyroid gland diseases that need surgical treatment:

  • parathyroid adenoma
  • parathyroid hyperplasia

Types of surgeries performed by thyroid surgeon Stavros Tsirigotakis:

  • Both total thyroidectomy, with minimally invasive technique
  • Both total thyroidectomy classic method for very large thyroid
  • Almost total thyroidectomy (rare)
  • Both total thyroidectomy, with lymph node clearance (for thyroid cancer) – – – central lymph node clearance-lateral lymph node clearance
  • Parathyroidectomy of one or more glands
  • Parathyroidectomy with thyroid lobectomy or with thyroidectomy for parathyroid cancer



Thyroid surgery in Iasso

IASO Hospital is a rapidly growing and expanding health care organization. It is well known that high quality integrated health services are provided here. It is a reference point for the health services it offers to the patient human being.

Iasso is one of the most modern Hospitals in Europe with a leading position in Greece.

  • It is staffed by experienced and internationally recognized doctors as well as well-trained nursing staff
  • It has state-of-the-art medical equipment
  • Offers coverage of the full range of Diagnostic, Laboratory and Therapeutic services
  • It has one of the largest Radiation Oncology Centers in Greece
  • It has a quality policy of international standards
  • Provides comprehensive medical care and treatment 24 hours a day

Our Values in the treatment of the patient / fellow human being:

  • courtesy & friendliness
  • interest & attention
  • professionalism
  • dedication & care
  • dignity
  • respect for your individual needs

The Model Thyroid Surgery Center that we have created at Iasso Hospital, is a multidisciplinary referral center that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of benign and malignant diseases of the thyroid and parathyroid glands.

Thyroid surgery is a separate field that combines endocrinology, oncology and surgery.

At the Stavros Tsirigotakis Model Thyroid Surgery Center, our multidisciplinary team collaborates perfectly for the treatment and long-term treatment of thyroid malignancies. It includes surgeons, endocrinologists, radiologists, nuclear physicians and radiotherapists. Modern diagnostic equipment is available for our patients, including high-resolution ultrasound, which is necessary for the investigation of both thyroid malignancy and for the examination of cervical lymph nodes (mapping).

You can access all the specialists of our team during your visit, which ensures shorter times of investigation of your thyroid problem, comprehensive care and patient-centered experience.


The results of our department are comparable to those of the best and most specialized centers around the world.

At the Stavros Tsirigotakis Standard Thyroid Surgery Center, complete management of thyroid cancer is offered. Although not all thyroid cancer patients will undergo the same surgery and treatment, the most common include:

  • Thyroidectomy: Partial less common or total thyroidectomy. This is the most common thyroid cancer surgery that is completed whenever needed, by removing the cervical lymph nodes.
  • Radioactive Iodine Therapy: This is a treatment that usually follows thyroidectomy. The patient receives radioactive iodine through a capsule. Radioactive iodine circulates through the blood to the throat and destroys any cancer cells that remain after thyroidectomy.
  • Radiation: This may be necessary in very rare cases

Intensive Care Unit

It is self-evident that the existence of an Intensive Care Unit is necessary for the performance of safe surgeries. It is of great importance for patient safety, especially when performing major surgeries or operations on patients with comorbidities. The existence of the ICU at Iasso Hospital is another supply in the surgeon’s quiver.

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is located right next to the Patient Reception, Delivery Room and Surgeries for easy movement of patients who need it. Both the human resources and the Biomedical equipment have the specifications that can deal with any incident. The ICU has a specially designed area for patients who need isolation.

The Medical Staff consists of Doctors with a specialization in Pathology, Pulmonology or Cardiology, specialized in Intensive Care while the Nursing Staff has long experience in the field of Intensive Care. Auxiliaries in the work of the ICU are assisted by Doctors of all specialties, when deemed necessary as well as the other laboratories of the Clinic (Department of Imaging, Hematology, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Cytology).

A peculiarity of the ICU of IASO is the short stay of patients in it. Specifically, the average hospitalization in the ICU in the last 3 years is 1.55 days. This short time arises, of course, from the fact that the majority of patients are young women without the burden of chronic diseases, but at the same time it is the goal and fruit of the nursing work of the ICU of IASO. The consequence of this short time of hospitalization is the absence of Nosocomial Infections in the specific department (as in the other departments of the clinic), the favorable correspondence of staff to the patients but also the mild and calm atmosphere of the department.

Following the medical and technological progress as well as any practical needs, IASO takes care of the continuous training of the human resources, the renewal and expansion of the Biomedical equipment in the ICU.

Why should I choose the Model Iasso Thyroid Surgery Center for endocrine surgery on my thyroid?


Many studies have repeatedly shown that patients have better results when their surgeons are specialized, experienced and with a large number of patients. In our Center we are 3 surgeons specialized in thyroid gland surgery, but also a thoracic surgeon for rare cases. We are at the forefront of thyroid surgeons and we place special emphasis on both the radicality of the surgeries we perform and the minimally invasive techniques as well as the excellent aesthetic result.


The administrative staff, nurses and surgeons in the Department of Thyroid Surgery make every effort to improve access to specialist treatment and care for patients with thyroid and parathyroid problems. All patients can undergo comprehensive treatment and immediate scheduling of surgery in one or two visits, even patients living outside Attica or outside Greece. To do this, all that is needed is prior consultation.

At the Thyroid Surgery Center, the patient has the opportunity to complete all his treatment. In addition to surgical treatment, it can be treated with radioactive iodine if needed, as Iasso has one of the best departments of Nuclear Medicine for both scintigraphy and radioactive iodine. Here he can do the scintigraphy (uptake) required after surgery for thyroid cancer. Then if necessary, it can be submitted here to the administration of radioactive iodine. It also has one of the best Radiotherapy Centers. In some rare cases the patient may need radiation.

It is obvious that the treatment of the thyroid gland at the Thyroid Surgery Center of Iasso Hospital is complete. It is very important that the patient is treated completely in the same place, without suffering, in a safe hospital, in a pleasant environment and mainly what the patient enjoys is the combined multidisciplinary treatment resulting from the cooperation of doctors, who are all in the same hospital.

Financial package

At Stavros Tsirigotakis Model Thyroid Surgery Center, we fully understand the financial situation we are all in in recent years and we do not make any discounts on the services provided, which have nothing to envy those of the distinguished Centers abroad. The economic packages, due to the philosophy that we do not use surgery for wealth but for offering to fellow human beings, but also due to the volume of our patients, is perhaps a pleasant surprise for those who will undergo surgery at the Standard Thyroid Surgery Center Tsirigotakis of Iasso Hospital.