Stavros Tsirigotakis

Where did I do my specialization?

I specialized in general surgery at the Tzanio Hospital of Piraeus, a frontline combat hospital. I remember when it was in charge of our hospital, it was the only hospital for all of Piraeus, for those coming from the islands but also the first stop for those coming from Peloponnese.

The experience we gained was enormous since we had all kinds of patients. The clinic in which I was a specialist had some surgeons who were really gifted, but I realized their value when I left that hospital and worked elsewhere. Then I compared them to others I met in other hospitals.

The schedule we followed was exhausting and I spent many hours a week in the hospital. I met my Director after he was selected to operate on my father when I was a student. These 5 years of my specialty were very difficult years but a good education never comes without great personal and family sacrifices.

I’m thankful I went through this but I’m glad I don’t have to go through it again. After the end of my specialization I met the professor Mr. Giorgos Kapelakis. I was excited but also impressed with the thyroid surgery he was performing. I consider him my mentor, I respect him and I owe almost all of my knowledge in this demanding surgery to him. I consider him to be if not the top, one of the top 5 thyroid surgeons in the world. He has vast experience, great insight and is a true teacher. I will always be grateful to him for what he offered me.

I also traveled and worked in other hospitals such as in Germany but also in Pisa, Italy, at the Cizanello University Hospital which is considered the leading Thyroid Surgery Center in the world. Professor Paolo Miccoli was then the Director of the Center, today is Gabriel Materazzi and both are excellent surgeons and also my personal friends. I thank them both for helping me learn from their vast experience.