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General services for the thyroid gland

General services for the thyroid gland Surgery & Specialization “I believe in the value of specialization and that is why I have invested so much in both my own training and the training of my associates. I searched and found the best teachers in endocrine surgery. I continue to be informed about what is new […]
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Thyroid surgery

Some neurologists receive subspecialty training focusing on a particular area of the fields, these training programs are called fellowships, and are one to two years.
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Parathyroid Gland Surgery

Parathyroid Gland Surgery Parathyroidectomy Parathyroid surgery requires delicate manipulations and that is why we say that parathyroid glands need demanding surgery. The surgeon should be familiar with the cervix, they do not need large incisions that are unfortunately made in some patients. On the contrary, it takes a lot of experience and the incision to […]
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